Media Modules

Our company offers all-inclusive PR communication and marketing services for its clients. As a media agency, the Babilon Group has been offering its complex services to IKR Zrt Bábolna, Nitrogénművek Vegyipari Zrt and Mezőhegyesi Ménesbirtok Zrt for a decade now. In connection with the 1st HCA Field Days, it also offered its all-inclusive services as a general contractor to The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (from planning to execution, from construction to disassembling).


Planning annual and seasonal marketing campaigns.

Corporate Identity Design

Graphics, desktop publishing.

Film Production, Broadcasting

Commercials, promotional films


Web design, web development.

App Development

Mobile app development.


Preparing 3D visual designs.

PR Communication, Marketing

Organisation and execution of customer meetings

  • Organisation and management of thematic road shows
  • Management of media placements (press, electronic media, billboards, City-light, vehicle advertising, mobile street advertisements, etc.)
  • Organisation of study tours, management trainings
  • Special, personalised promotional services (aerial advertising, street television, mobile street advertising, guerilla marketing, subliminal promotion services, etc.)
  • Market research. Campaign analyses, assessments

Corporate identity design, desktop publishing, printing

Corporate Identity Design

In the past two decades, we (the Babilon Group) have designed the full corporate identity of countless corporations. The most notable of our works include but are not limited to the following:

  • Dunaújvárosi Papírgyár
  • IKR Bábolna Zrt
  • Mezort Zrt.
  • Pécsváradi Agrover Kft.
  • Mezőfalvai Mezőgazdasági Zrt.
  • KUNMAG Kft.
The new range of “HUNFERT” fertiliser designed for IKR Agrár Kft., brand and image.

Desktop Publishing

Two of our most notable DTP projects are “A magyarországi nitrogénműtrágya-ipar bölcsője a Péti Nitrogénművek 80 éve” [“History: The 80 Years of Péti Nitrogénművek – The Cradle of the Hungarian Nitrogen Fertiliser Industry”] and “A Bige Holding Kft. az egykori Tiszamenti Vegyiművek története” [“A Bige Holding Kft. – History of the Former Tiszamenti Vegyiművek”] written by Zsolt Vazul Katona and published by the Group. These works were published in Hungarian and English. They were available in Alexandra bookshops.

Among our references, it is also worth highlighting the Presztizs Sport journal of Presztizs Magazines, for which we did not only designed its image, but we were also responsible for its graphic design for several years.



Our work in advertisement and promotional film production has been recognised with various awards and prizes.

  • An episode of our “Marc, ami a lábat illeti” commercial series for Marc Shoes was awarded the Best Commercial of the Year prize in 2000.
  • The following year, our „Csoda fincsi csörgő csoki a Cerbonától” animated commercial won the special award of the Chambers of Industry.
We have produced over 150 promotional films over the past two decades, commissioned by a number of Hungarian companies. (Szegedi Paprika, Alcoa, IKR Bábolna, Nitrogénművek, Tisza Menti Vegyiművek, Sárvári Termálkristály, etc.)
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We primarily prepare 3D visual designs in case of exhibition booth commissions or in connection with museum exhibitions. On demand, we create animated short films or character animations. (see References)

The software we work with: 3D Studio, Maya, etc.

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Design and all-inclusive execution of unique installations and exhibition booths. Production of illuminated displays, banners, street furniture, totem displays. Digital and 3D printing. Planning and execution of temporary exhibitions, restoration.

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